If you, someone you know, or an associated group has performed outstandingly in the field of vehicle crimes investigation, apprehension, reduction,  prevention or technology usage during the past year, you are encouraged to submit an award nomination.  All submissions should identify the name(s) of the individual(s) being nominated and the name of the award for which they are being nominated.  All award nominations should be submitted in a narrative format – there is no formal submission document.  The narrative should explain why the individual/group is being nominated, specifics (including dollar values, project/investigation time frames, volume/quantities recovered, arrests, personnel details, etc.), and an overall summary about why the award is warranted.  If a group is to be recognized, the lead investigator must be identified, and he/she will receive the award while the rest of the group will be recognized.  There will not be individual plaques for individuals within a nominated group.

All awards have a submission deadline of August 1 of each year, and awards are presented at the TAVTI Annual Conference.

All nominations should be mailed or e-mailed to:

Attn.:  Kat Anderson
4251 FM 2181, Ste. 230-521
Corinth, TX  76210

The available awards are:

TAVTI AWARD – To recognize a member or a group of members of TAVTI for his/her/their devotion to the goals of the association and through this devotion has made an impact on our association in an outstanding way.

WORTH SEAMAN VEHICLE THEFT AWARD – To recognize an auto theft investigator or group of auto theft investigators, member or non-member, of TAVTI, whether it be local, county or state who/which has excelled in the field of auto theft.  This investigator or group through his/her/their assignment has displayed a willingness to go above and beyond the objectives of the association.  This could include, but not limited to, the recognition and recovery of stolen vehicles, identifying and apprehending repeat vehicle theft offenders and through his /her/their actions shares a common interest in the vehicle theft problem.

C.C. BENSON AWARD – To recognize a person, or group of people, member or non-member of TAVTI, such as a prosecutor or civilian, who through their actions has gone above and beyond their duties to assist in the reduction of the vehicle theft problem.

LOJACK AWARD – To recognize a law enforcement officer or a group of law enforcement officers, whose efforts in conjunction with the use of a LoJack tracking system, made a significant impact on the recovery of stolen vehicles.

HENRY CANALES TECHNOLOGY AWARD – To recognize a law enforcement officer or a group of law enforcement officers whose efforts in conjunction with the use of electronic and technological equipment has made a significant impact in the recovery of stolen vehicles.  The type of equipment may include but is not limited to license plate recognition systems, surveillance equipment, global positioning systems and other electronic equipment; however, it does not include the use of LoJack recovery systems.

LIFTETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – To recognize a long-time member of TAVTI who, during their entire membership, has made contributions to the organization above and beyond what is expected, and whose actions have demonstrably improved the organization and the fight against vehicle crimes overall.