President’s Message

       2020/2021 SCRC/TAVTI President Brian Johns
                    Leander Police Department

Hello SCRC/TAVTI Friends and Family,

It’s been a long time since we have all been together for “networking” and general business meetings to keep our members updated,  but let me assure you that your board has been working behind the scenes to keep our organization going through these times.  There has been so much that has taken place since I last saw you I don’t know where to begin, but here are the cliff notes:

Unfortunately last summer we were forced to make the difficult decision to cancel our yearly conference because of state law, local facility guidelines, the IAATI constitution, and our own bylaws.  The on-site committee was able to negotiate pushing locations/dates back to 2021, so I hope to see everyone in San Marcos September 28-Oct 1, 2021.

The board knew we were going to have to make some difficult decisions to keep our organization going since our by-laws rely on a yearly conference for business decisions to me made.  It was decided with IAATI that the executive board would remain seated as long as the sitting members were willing to continue for another year.  President Garza decided that he would finish his term and pass the torch to me.  The board moved up to the next position and I appointed Rene Cardona to the vacant Secretary position. Congrats Rene.

I want to remind everyone that they need to renew their SCRC/TAVTI memberships by going to the IAATI website or by contacting Kat Anderson by phone/email at 806-787-5133 or   2021 memberships would have been renewed at the 2020 conference, but these were obviously not done with the conference being cancelled.

The 87th Legislative Session has also now begun.  I hope and pray that everyone has made relationships with their Representatives and Senators over the past two years as we will probably (if history repeats itself) be needing everyone to reach out as our MVCPA funding is determined and laws that will affect Law Enforcement statewide are formed.  Our task force funding is looking good, but we all remember 2011 so everyone needs to be prepared to mobilize.

I myself have gone through some career changes over the past two years and I am still just north of Austin, but am now with Leander Police Department.  If you need anything, feel free to reach out to me by cell or email.

Brian Johns
SCRC/TAVTI President