The Texas Association of Vehicle Theft Investigators (TAVTI) was formed in 1975 by a group of law enforcement officers from Texas concerned with the rising volume of vehicle thefts and the associated financial loss. They formed an organization dedicated to addressing the crime of vehicle theft. Soon thereafter, the by-laws were adopted and the State of Texas established a charter for TAVTI.

Since its formation, TAVTI has demonstrated the most effective weapon to combat auto theft, and associated crimes, is cooperation. Auto theft continues to be one of the most complex, costly and widespread crimes to confront law enforcement and citizens throughout the United States, and TAVTI’s efforts have been increased accordingly. In 1976, TAVTI sponsored legislation requiring salvage yards to keep records. In 1977, they called for the standardization of confidential vehicle identification numbers (CVINS). In 1991, TAVTI sponsored the creation of the Texas Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA), which is now the Texas Motor Vehicle Crime Prevention Authority (MVCPA). This program has allowed the state to fund auto theft investigative task forces throughout Texas.

TAVTI membership is open to law enforcement, the insurance industry, special investigators, or anyone in any geographical location who can show a professional vested interest in the prevention and reduction of vehicle crimes.

Members have the opportunity to come together during TAVTI’s week-long educational seminar and business meeting held in the fall of each year. This conference provides many hours of classroom training and instruction to enable members to stay abreast of the ever-changing dynamics associated with vehicle theft. This event brings together a world-wide network of information and assistance to our members. Members also enjoy training opportunities throughout the year as well as regular auto theft information mailings and updates, excellent statewide networking, and the quarterly SlamHammer membership magazine.

If you have questions about this website, please contact Michelle Lanham at 817-291-7208 or tavtiscrc@gmail.com.  If you have questions about TAVTI membership or the annual conference, please contact TAVTI Treasurer Kat Anderson at 806-787-5133 or texkat52@yahoo.com.