2018/2019 SCRC/TAVTI President Brandon Marshall – Pasadena Police Department

 Greetings TAVTI/ SCRC family,

Thank you all for a great 2018 conference in Galveston, Texas.  Galveston County Auto Theft Task force did an incredible job hosting this conference and planning all the events for the attendees.  We are currently already in the planning stages for our 2019 conference that will be held in Waco, Texas.  Guys, you might not want to bring your wives to this one…..I hear the Silos are expensive!!!

The 2018 conference was the first year we have held an intermediate auto theft training course in conjunction with the conference.  I want to thank the Automobile Burglary and Theft Prevention Authority for organizing and completing this training which provided Texas with 20 more certified auto theft investigators.  One of the most important goals for TAVTI/SCRC is to increase our membership and increase the number of investigators that we have certified in our region.

There are so many people that constantly work behind the scenes to make these conferences happen that go unnoticed.  Without the year round work from the regional directors, associate directors, liaisons, committees and the executive board, the success of TAVTI/ SCRC could not be achieved.  I want to encourage everyone to get involved with the chapter and step up to help make a difference.

Congratulations to Reid Stacy for a great year as the president of TAVTI/ SCRC.  Reid, you will be missed, but I know you will continue to be involved in the organization and the direction that it is going.

I am excited for the future of TAVTI/ SCRC and am encouraged by the many conversations that I have had with members about the direction of this chapter.

Always be safe, may God watch over us all!

See you all in Waco!


Brandon Marshall
2018/2018 TAVTI/ SCRC President
Pasadena Police Department