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2019/2020 SCRC/TAVTI President Lee Garza
Dallas Police Department

Greetings TAVTI/ SCRC members and family,

I would like to say it’s a great honor and privilege to be elected as President of TAVTI/SCRC. I truly believe in the mission of what this great association stands for and all it does for its members. Without TAVTI/SCRC the fight against motor vehicle crimes would be an uphill battle for all those that combat this ever-growing crime in Texas and the surrounding states.

I would like to congratulate Brandon Marshall, our past president, for his leadership and success last year. The 2019 conference that was held in Waco, Texas was a huge success. The conference was one of the largest attendances we have ever had. We had people attending from all over the United States. The guest speakers and dignitaries were some of the best speeches that I have ever heard at any conference. To have a great conference, there are often people that are sometimes overlooked that are instrumental in putting it all together.  Michelle Snyder was the backbone for this conference and deserves credit for putting it together.  As we all know, it also takes the work of the past presidents, directors, liaisons, and executive board in running the conference, and I would also like to thank everyone for their hard work.

The 2020 conference will be held in San Marcos, Texas. I have no doubt that this conference will be amazing and hope everyone can attend. As we all know, training is pertinent in our jobs and TAVTI/SCRC will continue to provide some of the best training for its family.

Congratulations to the new executive board and directors. I’m truly humbled to work with these people that I have grown up with while being part of TAVTI/SCRC.  I look forward to working with all our members in keeping TAVTI/SCRC a strong influence in the fight against motor vehicle crime. We will continue to keep our goal of getting new membership and spreading the word regarding our mission as an association.

Once again, I have no words to express how proud I am to be president of TAVTI/SCRC.  I can’t wait to see you all in San Marcos for the 2020 conference.

Please be safe and take care of each other.

Respectfully submitting,
Leandro Garza, Jr.
2019/2020 TAVTI/SCRC President
Dallas Police Department